The Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship was founded around this idea in 2012. 

We want to tackle the most pressing social and economic challenges in our society -unemployment and the huge development gap in the regions, among others – with the vision of making Social Entrepreneurship a fundamental base for the Tunisian economy, offering sustainable and innovative solutions to social entrepreneurs and society. 

The project to create the center started after a competition on Social Entrepreneurship that had place in Tunis. As part of the organization team, Asma and Hatem realized that the concept of Social Entrepreneurship was not clear and that the ecosystem was in an early stage. During the competition they met Sarah Toumi – the third co-founder-   and since then the 3 of them decided to expand the values of social entrepreneurship in their country.

TCSE’s mission is to create an ecosystem conducive to innovation and social entrepreneurship through an inclusive approach that expands to reach public institutions and policies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, innovators and young citizens.

During its existence, the TCSE supported the creation of over 350 jobs and more than 150 social projects implanted in different regions of Tunisia through several programs with the participation of national and international actors of social innovation.

We believe in the fundamental right to have the opportunity to develop on its own, which is why in 2011 the TCSE – Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship – was created.

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