What we do at TCSE

Access to network

Democratize the access to information and to opportunities for young people and social entrepreneurs through organizing information and networking sessions, sharing information on web platforms and social media and organizing exchange programs between tunisian and foreign entrepreneurs.

Access to funding

Democratize the access to knowledge, technical logistical and financial support to young people and social entrepreneurs through training session, research, incubation and program acceleration while also focusing on impact measurability and acquiring equipped methodological spaces.

Access to market

Democratize the access to markets and increasing the visibility of social entrepreneurs through market intermediation, mediatic recommendation and national and international contest participation.

Policy lobbying

Pledge to improve public policies and judicial frameworks that affect the economy, entrepreneurship, innovation and female entrepreneurship by creation regional spaces for dialogue involving public, private and associative actors with the participation in national and international dialogues for the promotion of economic empowerment initiatives and social cohesion



Charek IN is an incubation project that supports social entrepreneurs as early as the ideation process. The first Charek IN took place in 2015 and supported social entrepreneurs in Mahdia, Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid. In 2020 we are currently in the fifth edition of the project with an all female social entrepreneurs roster of 30 projects between Tunis and Mahdia.


Insane Impact is a digital participative platform focused on social innovation.

The platform is made for social innovators, changemakers and futur social entrepreneurs who are looking for resources and opportunities to launch projects with a social and environmental impact.



Lingare is a social innovation space that started as a pioneer project in Mahdia in 2015 and evolved into a network of innovation spaces (actually present in Tunis and Mahdia). Lingare was also active in Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine which became in 2018 independent innovation spaces managed by local actors (KiHub in Kasserine, and Mwatana Association in Sidi Bouzid.) It is a TCSE project that gathers and brings together a big community of social entrepreneurs and changemakers, and supports the local social enterprises.