FLAG (Femme, Leadership, Appui, Gestion – Women, Leadership, Support, Management ) is a 26-month project that aims to improve the economic empowerment of women and their participation in economic growth in Tunisia.

The program is funded by The European Commission and implemented by the TAMSS, Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Pontes Ricerche and Interventi, and Oxfam Italia.

The program aims to support the creation of a good environment to female entrepreneurship in traditional and innovative sectors and to create jobs for Tunisian women.


IdeKo offers baby rooms that can be personalized according to needs and budgets, space that is warm, comfortable and practical. Each room is designed with care and attention with concern for the baby’s awakening and well-being. Each item, made with love,and tells you a story of the Tunisian artisans.


Hajer Siela and the Agritable team cultivate the ambition to see the small farmer make a decent living from his operations and to reconnect the city’s citizen to the source of healthy food. This is what motivates us to establish fair trade partnerships with local producers and offer their products as directly as possible on our online farmer’s market.


The Petalys laboratory offers the LUXE accessible to everyone. An artisanal activity of manufacturing natural and ecological cosmetic products. The vision of the social project is to have a world without carcinogenic products or harmful to health and the environment for this it does not cease to diversify the offer on the natural cosmetics market by the production of healthy, ecological products


Since very young age ,Amira El Mufti would appreciate the beautiful fabrics, the wardrobe of colors and the refined things. Then, from her years spent in France and travels, she was able to enrich my personality, and become aware of the value of our cultural heritage. The inspiration for the models came from her attachment to all my ancestors who made the history of Tunisia starting with the Amazigh people. Also, she wanted to help perpetuate our beautiful heritage which may disappear one day if we do not value it.


Regliz is a trip back in time. This time where we spent hours playing dolls, when being together was enough to make us the happiest children on earth by developing a collection of embroidery textiles. The Regliz product is distinguished by its singularity in being produced in limited collections and in being an artisanal but chic product. Thus, Regliz addresses a community committed to “consume Tunisian” and to support the Tunisian craft heritage.

Hands For Hope

Hands for Hope is a social project that provides meaningful employment to disabled people by helping them know their real rights as well as their duties. This happens when using business and entrepreneurship in saving the next generations by changing the mentality and challenging disability through communication and genuine integration into society.


The project currently brings together 100 women potters from Sejnène, four of them are members of the board of directors. The initiative aims to promote Sejnène pottery in Tunisia and abroad and  improve the quality of Sejnène pottery by preserving the identity of this heritage and allowing women the freedom design

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