MEDUP! is a 4-year project, co-funded by European Union, designed to promote an enabling environment for the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver of inclusive growth and job creation in the southern Mediterranean region (Morocco , Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine). 

MedUP works at the Macro Level by promoting country and cross-country policy and advocacy initiatives and public-private dialogue to create an enabling regulatory and policy environments, at the Meso Level by reinforcing 60 social entrepreneurship support organizations through capacity-building and networking activities and at the Micro Level by providing financial and technical support to 100 social enterprises.



Les projets sociaux


Sonia Hachicha

KALYS, an online decoration shop with Mediterranean influences, offers unique objects from the best workshops to you in just a few clicks through our platform


Nicolas Planchenault

Le Lemon Tour is a bike rental service in Tunis Carthage, the initiative positions itself as an agent of change the main goal is to transform the ways of getting around and visiting the Tunisian heritage sites with bikes through guided tours. 

For this, he proposes to put the bike back on Tunisian roads and offers to discover Tunisia and its riches (heritage, cultural, architecture etc.) from a new, more ecological angle.



Yessine Ellil

‘Couss & Co’ specializes in publishing comic books in Tunisia. It aims to promote the art of comics and above all tries to fascinate children for the 9th art by arousing their curiosity through an original and inventive content that reflects the Tunisian identity. The main mission mission is to educate children about tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity from an early age.

A table

Tunisian agricultural products are devalued in favor of imported products. Exceptional quality and know-how are not highlighted. BC Distribution decided to create products in partnership with farmers and artisans and also the appropriate distribution network, high-end allowing a real valuation of the work and the quality of the products. Currently, we work with more than 10 governorates.

La Maison de l’Image


Wassim Ghazlani

La Maison de l’Image believes in culture, the image sector in particular, as a vector for sustainable human development. With its programs, it works for the most vulnerable through integration and job creation programs for young people from working-class neighborhoods, sustainable development projects, decentralization of culture and enhancement of heritage. Tunisian.

Green Alafco


Maher Oudira

A recycling company of Aluminium Used Beverage Cans (UBC) and PET scrap bottles through the integration of the informal sector of waste pickers and by introducing an innovative technology of smart recycling containers that will be used by both basic users and waste pickers. The initiative just exporting UBC in bales and by 2021/ 2022 will implement the vision of a ” Circular Economy role model company ” by installing an UBC foundry and producing finished products.



Sciencia is a scientific company aiming to promote the scientific and technological awakening of children and young people by practicing and collaborating on innovative projects in the appropriate structures and environment.

Sciencia is the provider of scientific recreation for children and young people by designing and offering content for scientific workshops, educational kits, intended to improve learning and teaching experiences.



PNL is a public space offering a program of access, initiation and support to information technologies for tunisian youth.

Fromagerie Tabbeba


Cooperation between the cheese dairy and its breeders to make the region an essential crossroads for dairy products.

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