Created in 2012, the Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE) aims to develop and promote social entrepreneurship in Tunisia. Visit our website for more information




“The future of Social Economy Conference” aims to provide a space to reflect on the achievements of the sector over the past decade and to consider practices and approaches that can strengthen social innovation ecosystems nationally and internationally .


In this framework, TCSE partners and Tunisian social economy actors will come together to identify key learnings and best practices, while imagining a vision where we want to go as social innovators, social entrepreneurs and and change-makers. 


In addition to local partners, the conference will welcome international partners from Jordan, Palestine, Greece, Portugal and Spain.




The service provider is asked to organize an interactive session in the form of a workshop  which brings together different actors of the Social Economy: international partners, local partners, entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and change makers. 


  1. Present a methodology for the “Collective Learnings” workshop
  • Prepare the proper tools and materials for the Workshop
  • Facilitate the Workshop
  1. Prepare the report of the Workshop


Duration of the workshop: 1 hour and a half


Workshop language: English


Target audience: 70 to 80  people


Event date: June 23, 2022




Evaluation criteria

Specific experience of the consultant applicable to the mission: Expertise in social economy, futuristic workshops and running interactive workshops with large numbers.     40
Adequacy of the proposed work plan to the terms of reference     30
Attractiveness of the financial proposal     30
Total 100




The offer must be submitted before 14/06/2022 to the following address: (Subject: Workshop Facilitation : Collective Learnings)


The submission folder must include the following documents in English

– CVs of the Team + Portfolio of previous work highlighting Expertise in social economy, futuristic workshops and running interactive workshops with large numbers.


– A Financial offer 




Offers will be processed and selected according to the budget appropriate to this mission by the project and the efficiency criteria linked to the technical and financial offer and in accordance with the evaluation criteria (Examination of quotes, examination of technical proposals, etc.).