Call for application: LEGAL EXPERT



MedTOWN Project

MedTown is an initiative focused on the potential between local authorities (municipalities), agents of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), citizens to co-produce social policies to fight against poverty, inequalities, social exclusion and environmental unsustainability, providing them with tools and links to strengthen local resilience and foster the transition towards more just, resilient and sustainable societies in the Euro-Mediterranean region (Spain, Greece, Palestine, Jordan, Portugal and Tunisia)

The MedTOWN project lasts 48 months from 05/09/2019 until 04/09/2023 and is co-financed by ENI MED / the European Union. The general objective of the project is to co-produce social policies with the actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy ESS (association, organization, cooperative etc.) to fight against poverty, inequalities and social exclusion in Tunisia.

The MedTOWN project will support (on average) 50 female beneficiaries from Greater Tunis. Technical support will be in the form of technical and managerial training, personalized coaching sessions.

The role of  TCSE in the project 

The overall aim of the proposed action in Tunisia is the promotion of social inclusion of a specific group of people in Tunisian society – members of Collectives and cooperatives, Socially innovative female entrepreneurs and SSE actors (Public, private and civil society organizations). 

The role of TCSE is supporting these groups by providing technical and managerial capacity building through training and individual consultancies depending on their needs  highlighting their economic and social  roles within their communities and networks, connecting them amongst each other to create a co-creation unit.

TCSE will provide technical and managerial support to the selected women entrepreneurs by organizing training sessions on social entrepreneurship, social and solidarity economy and social innovation via different activities: Knowledge Lab, digital lab etc.

TCSE will select a public actor’s space to renovate and revive based on its relevance to the projects’ activities and targets. The renovated space will serve as a safe space for women where they can learn new skills, work, market their products/services, inspire other women and advocate for better economic rights. 

Adding to that, the TCSE will organize a National Workshop (NW). The NW involves 15-30 participants representing  initiatives that could potentially become pilot units of co-production, the local SSE community, social service provision and any relevant government agency. 

Through this activity, TCSE will provide 3 half day long presentations and information sessions to selected SEE actors in order to vulgarize laws (violence/solidarity economy/ approval of Convention 189 on rights of workers in the domestic sector, socially responsible public procurement, complementary currencies as social innovation tools,etc). 

A researcher will work on the project activities research work where we find the recommendations for the best implementation of the projects in the future.

The mission of the legal expert: 

The TCSE signs with the service provider within the framework of the MedTOWN project. The Service Provider agrees to perform the assigned mission on behalf of the TCSE.

The general objective of this mission is to draft an agreement between the municipality of Tunis and the Tunisian center for social entrepreneurship and support the MedTOWN project team throughout the administrative procedures.

The draft agreement aims to describe the modalities of collaboration between the two parties in order to achieve two objectives: First, the co-production of a social service between the municipality of Tunis, the TCSE and the other key partners (Mdinti, Collectif Créatif, Shanti, AFTURD, Beity etc…), and secondly the co-management of a public space by the municipality of Tunis, the TCSE and the other actors identified in order to implement activities.

The agreement must include several articles such as: the roles and commitments of both parties, the financing and management of the fund, the obligations of visibility, the duration of the agreement, the use of space etc. The expert must organize work sessions with the MedTOWN team to exchange ideas and comments from representatives of the municipality of Tunis during the meetings that have been organized.

The mission deliverables are:

  • The convention
  •  A time sheet
  • Final  report

Selection criteria – Requirements

The legal expert should fulfill the following basic requirements:

  • Familiarity with the concepts of Social entrepreneurship and its principles. 
  • Familiarity with gender mainstreaming in development. 

Deadline for receipt of application

The deadline for receipt of tenders is 10/11/2022 at 22.30 pm Tunisian time.

Candidate have to submit their offer to a– Subject: Legal expert -TCSE

Tenderer should present the following duly signed documentation: 

  • CV’s of the person in charge for the provision of services 
  • Financial offer