The year of 2023 ended with a fruitful collaboration between the two Tunisian Ashoka fellows Asma Mansour and Leila Ben Gacem. The two representatives of the TCSE and Blue Fish brought together 10 contributors from the social entrepreneurship and social economy ecosystem, comprised of professors and students to co-write a book on social innovation.

The collaboration resulted in producing “The Tunisian Doing Together” book, also named حمل الجماعه ريش in Tunisian dialect, which aims to highlight the Tunisian model of social entrepreneurship, its forms and its roots, as it promotes inspiring stories of successful social innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives, focusing on their impact on their communities.

The book dedicates 3 chapters to promote stories of Tunisia-based social entreprises and social initiatives, including but not limited to: Skila, Dar El Ain, Sciencia, Arij El Medina, Mdinti, Jemna Oasis, #Tounessolidaire collective movement, and more. To grant a wider reach to Tunisian models of social innovation, TCSE and Blue Fish produced two versions of the book, an English one for a wider regional reach and a Tunisian dialect version to ensure its accessibility among local communities.

The TCSE drive to co-produce a book on social innovation comes as a part of a strategic choice to disseminate knowledge on social innovation using alternative and gamified tools, which are initiated within its Insane Impact’s knowlege management program.

The Tunisian Doing Together book came to life thanks to two financial partners that have enabled its design and the disssemination of its first hard copies: The Ashoka Arab World, AAW, through a WISE collaboration between the Tunisian Ashoka fellows Asma Mansour and Leila Ben Gacem, as mentioned above, and by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Program, within the MedRiSSE project.

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