The Tunisian Doing Together | حمل الجماعه ريش: Book on Social Innovation

The year of 2023 ended with a fruitful collaboration between the two Tunisian Ashoka fellows Asma Mansour and Leila Ben Gacem. The two representatives of the TCSE and Blue Fish brought together 10 contributors from the social entrepreneurship and social economy ecosystem, comprised of professors and students to co-write a book on social innovation.

The collaboration resulted in producing "The Tunisian Doing Together" book, also named حمل الجماعه ريش in Tunisian dialect, which aims to highlight the Tunisian model of social entrepreneurship, its forms and its roots, as it promotes inspiring stories of successful social innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives, focusing on their impact on their communities.

The book dedicates 3 chapters to promote stories of Tunisia-based social entreprises and social initiatives, including but not limited to: Skila, Dar El Ain, Sciencia, Arij El Medina, Mdinti, Jemna Oasis, #Tounessolidaire collective movement, and more. To grant a wider reach to Tunisian models of social innovation, TCSE and Blue Fish produced two versions of the book, an English one for a wider regional reach and a Tunisian dialect version to ensure its accessibility among local communities.

The TCSE drive to co-produce a book on social innovation comes as a part of a strategic choice to disseminate knowledge on social innovation using alternative and gamified tools, which are initiated within its Insane Impact's knowlege management program.

The Tunisian Doing Together book came to life thanks to two financial partners that have enabled its design and the disssemination of its first hard copies: The Ashoka Arab World, AAW, through a WISE collaboration between the Tunisian Ashoka fellows Asma Mansour and Leila Ben Gacem, as mentioned above, and by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Program, within the MedRiSSE project.

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SSE Cluster Inauguration: Social and Solidarity Economy Day in The Medina of Tunis

Context of the Inauguration of SSE Cluster:

On Friday, November 24, 2023, the Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE) and the Municipality of Tunis organized the SSE Day in La Medina of Tunis, to inaugurate the social and solidarity economy Cluster (SSE Cluster). Launched within the framework of the MedTOWN project, funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med program, and the "Dignifying the Working Conditions of the Domestic Sector - Phase II" project, funded by Generalitat Valenciana.

SSE Cluster: Genesis

The Social and Solidarity Economy Cluster (SSE Cluster) stems from a productive process involving actors from the public, private, and civil society sectors, initiated by the TCSE in November 2022 in the Medina of Tunis. This materialized through the organization of a national workshop focused on the co-production of public and social policies and services. The main objective was to establish an SSE dynamic in the heart of the Medina of Tunis through public-private partnerships focusing on empowering women with the SSE Sector..

Co-producing public and social policies is a way of working together. This entails that citizens, governments, and sometimes businesses or community groups collaborate to co-create, implement, and evaluate the rules and services that everyone needs. The idea is to consider different opinions, make policies and services more effective, and ensure they better meet the needs of the people. It is an approach where everyone equally participates in making decisions that concern the community.

The active presence of the Municipality of Tunis, through its various departments, reflects its interest in collaborating with civil society and SSE actors for the digitalization and improvement of services at Dar Ben Achour, the iconic library of the Medina of Tunis. The Municipality of Tunis played a crucial role in the emergence of this Cluster by facilitating its integration and laying the necessary solid foundations for the initiation of partnerships between actors in the Medina of Tunis. At the same time, in harmony with its mission to create an environment conducive to social entrepreneurship, TCSE intervenes at a macro level by facilitating co-production units, including the one established with the Municipality of Tunis. This initiative aims to support public actors in the effective integration of citizens' perspectives and actions as well as those of SSE actors throughout the process of designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating public and social services and policies. The facilitation of the Cluster was the result of a successful collaboration between TCSE and Blue Fish, a social enterprise rooted in the Medina of Tunis and working for many years on the local development of this iconic neighborhood.

Roles of Different Actors in the SSE Cluster:

Expressing its willingness to listen and collaborate for the co-production of public and social services and policies, the Municipality of Tunis mobilized resources within various departments and committees, ensuring optimal intervention. This initiative, supported by the former Elected Council and approved by the new Secretary General of the Municipality, involved the mobilization of several departments and committees to determine the necessary intervention in the space of Dar Ben Achour, which houses the city library of Tunis. Among these departments are the Directorate of Cultural Affairs with the participation of the SSE committee, the committee for culture, women, and social and solidarity economy, in addition to the Directorate of International Cooperation.

Following the launch of a call for expressions of interest to SSE actors located in the Medina of Tunis, TCSE selected the economic interest group "Mdinti" and the collective of cultural actors focused on creative activities, "Collectif Créatif," to join the SSE Cluster. They will play a key role in implementing the activities of the Cluster.

In order to successfully carry out these activities, the stakeholders in the Cluster plan to develop a governance charter and a roadmap to ensure the sustainability of this initiative. The actors intend to continue their collaboration as a Cluster of actors for social and solidarity economy, while remaining open to expanding the circle of collaboration to other SSE actors located in the Medina of Tunis.



Inauguration and Activities of the SSE Cluster:

Friday, November 24, 2023, marked the inauguration of the "SSE Cluster," the Cluster of actors for social and solidarity economy, followed by the launch of its various activities for the benefit of participants in the MedTOWN projects, funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med program, and "Dignifying the Working Conditions of the Domestic Sector - Phase II," funded by Generalitat Valenciana. These activities, planned for the next 6 months, will unfold in two main hubs: the Digital Lab at Dar Ben Achour and the Female Force Studio at Collectif Créatif and Mdinti, offering a variety of training, including:

  • Training focused on digitalization and personal marketing for youth and women, organized within the  the Digital Lab at Dar Ben Achour,
  • Tips on creating prototypes and guidance in designing sustainable products for female social entrepreneurs, within  the Female Force Studio, organized by Collectif Créatif,
  • A LinkedIn photoshoot session along with training in photography and videography for female social entrepreneurs,  within  the Female Force Studio, organized by Mdinti.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs:

The services offered by the actors in the SSE Cluster highlight women entrepreneurs, including some facing fragile socio-economic conditions, recognizing their vital role as citizens, entrepreneurs, and family breadwinners. This orientation results from in-depth studies and analyses, such as those conducted by the Municipality of Tunis as part of the Femmedina project, focusing on facilitating women's access to public spaces. In addition, it is based on the specific needs assessment of women entrepreneurs identified through TCSE coaching provided within the MedTOWN and "Dignifying the Working Conditions of the Domestic Sector - Phase II" projects.

Appel à Propositions pour des Initiatives de Coproduction dans le cadre du projet MedTOWN

Le Centre Tunisien pour l’Entrepreneuriat Social-TCSE lance un appel à propositions au profit des acteurs de l'économie sociale et solidaire (ESS) en Tunisie pour bénéficier de subventions allant jusqu’à 30.000 Euros!


Cet appel à propositions s’inscrit dans le cadre du projet MedTOWN, cofinancé par l’ENI CBC MED et la Generalitat Valenciana, dont la mission est de coproduire des services sociaux et des politiques sociales avec les acteurs de l'économie sociale et solidaire (ESS) pour lutter contre la pauvreté, les inégalités et l'exclusion sociale.

L’appel s’adresse aux acteurs de l'économie sociale et solidaire (ESS) dans les régions suivantes: Tunis, Ariana, Manouba, Ben Arous, Kairouan et Mahdia qui travaillent sur les thématiques de l'économie sociale et solidaire (ESS) telles que le soutien à l'économie locale et à l'ESS, l’emploi des jeunes, la protection familiale et sociale, la santé, l’inégalité des genres, l’éducation et la formation, la fracture technologique, la culture, le changement climatique.

Les activités doivent être implémentées sur une période de 2 à 3 mois. L'enveloppe totale disponible pour soutenir les différents projets soumissionnaires s'élève à 60.000 euros. Le montant minimal à attribuer par projet est de 10.000 Euros et le montant maximal s'élève à 30.000 Euros. Chaque proposition de projet doit avoir un demandeur chef de file qui doit agir avec au minimum i) un codemandeur et ii) une autorité publique locale comme partenaire associé. Une autorité locale devrait participer en fournissant une lettre de soutien.

Comment postuler?

Les entités et organisations intéressées sont invitées à présenter leurs propositions de projets jusqu'au 5 mai 2023 avant 18h00 - Heure de Tunis à l’adresse suivante: .

Le formulaire de candidature, les règles de appel et les documents nécessaires peuvent être téléchargés à travers le présent lien.

Il est à noter que les entités et organisations postulantes doivent s’inscrire sur la plateforme de la communauté de pratique du projet afin d'être éligible.

Assistez à la session d'information relative à l'appel!

Une séance d'information en ligne est programmée le mercredi 26 Avril 2023, de 14h00 à 15h30 (Heure de Tunis), en vue de présenter l'appel à propositions, les caractéristiques générales des projets à sélectionner, de répondre à vos questions et de présenter un appui dont les entités postulantes peuvent bénéficier afin de présenter leurs candidatures.

Pour participer, inscrivez vous via le lien présent.

Kick-Off TCSE Acceleration Program: Women Social Entrepreneurs Edition

On January 25th, 2023, the TCSE – Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship has organized a kick-off meeting to launch a special cohort of the TCSE Acceleration Program. A cohort that targets women social entrepreneurs based in the Grand Tunis that comes within the framework of the the MedTOWN & “Dignifier les conditions du travail de soins Phase II” projects, respectively funded by ENI CBC MED and Generalitat Valenciana

The kick-off meeting took place in the TCSE space, gathering women social entrepreneurs and representatives, leading social enterprises. The gathering was an occasion for participants to come together and get to know more about each other’s social enterprises.  Moreover, the TCSE team took the chance to introduce the pre-selected social entrepreneurs to the acceleration program’s context, next phases, and advantages.

Starting from January 2023, the cohort will provide technical support to 20 women social entrepreneurs, working within industries such as the cultural and creative industries, arts and crafts, upcycling, etc.


TCSE team has designed the kick-off following an interactive approach. Women social entrepreneurs were first introduced to each other through a pitch session, where they could pitch their relative social enterprises, followed by a presentation of the program scope by the TCSE team. The second part of the kick-off was the most interactive, as the pre-selected candidates identified and shared their expectations related to the acceleration program. In addition to a closing speed dating session, during which women social entrepreneurs were invited to lead a one-to-one discussion about their social business with at least one other entrepreneur.